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Limited edition, beautifully letterpressed book of drawings and design by Steve Byram and photographs by Tim Berne. Plus a bonus live Snakeoil, Anguis Oleum cd with cardboard letterpress packaging by Steve Byram.

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Screwgun Records Brooklyn, New York

BROKEN SHADOWS: Time Berne, Chris Speed, Reid Andersen, Dave King
9/19 - Austin TX, The North Door
9/20 - Los Angeles CA, Zebulon
9/21 - Vancouver BC, Western Front
9/22 - San Francisco CA, SF Jazz
9/23 - Fort Collins CO
9/24 - Reno NV, Univ of Nevada
9/25&26 - Denver CO, Dazzle
9/27&28 - Chicago, Green Mill
9/29 - Madison WI, Winnebago Cafe
9/30 - Minneapolis MI, Icehouse
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